Youtube Channel?

So now time for some normal blog posts to fill my page, I am going to talk about something that is possibly a passion of mine or hopefully will be. Youtube is a gigantic creative community where tons of people have channels with millions and millions of subscribers and its unbelievable how much content is out there and how many communities are within YouTube. My heart lies with the Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Community of girls who make makeup videos, Fashion videos, DIY’s, Life Hacks, Study Tips anything and everything you can possibly think of they are truly amazing people.

So the point to all of this is I hope to start my own channel one day, I dont know what it will be most likely makeup but i want to take it beyond that and connect with my audience on personal levels. I also think Youtube would be a great outlet for me and will help me on my journey of finding what my passion in life is.

Below I’m going to list and link and show some thumbnails some of my favorite youtubers who started out so small and made it big, just a few of my inspirations ❤ Enjoy!









These are just a few I have so many other channels these are my top 4.






I just wanted to take a moment to talk about my favorite youtuber who inspires me in so many ways she is creative and sassy and hilarious. She is a makeup artist that love both worlds of glam and special FX gore makeup hence her name. She really inspires me to want to push my creative boundaries and go farther, she started off studying film at Temple university and gained knowledge of all the software like Photoshop and editing software’s for videos, but soon realized that  film was not what she wanted to pursue and  decided to do makeup as a full time job, she then started social media to build herself a platform and used Instagram as her first platform and did the 100 day makeup challenge that for a 100 days she would post different makeup looks and she soon started gaining followers then she knew she wanted to move over to YouTube and she became a success people fell in love with how quirky and sassy she is and how she is just herself doing something that she is really passionate about. She inspires me to follow my dreams and do the things I am passionate about, such as makeup, art, and fashion.

Here are some pictures of her and what she does for everyone to enjoy! :

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If you’re interested in following her on her social media accounts here are some links:




Feeling overwhelmed

So I know this blog is for purposes of art and posting things we find and are progress through our projects but right now I need a safe space to post and I know we can also post about whatever we want…

so here it goes…I want to cry so hard right now I literally am so scared about how I am going to handle school this semester I fear I am not keeping on top of myself I want to distract myself from all the things I need to do because I don’t want to deal with what is in front of me… I’ve already dealt with one big thing in my life and I’m starting to feel the anxiety and not so good feelings again I feel like I’m going crazy…I’m sorry to whoever reads this. I am just trying to get out some emotions right now but I cant say everything that is on my mind I don’t want to be an open book right now…but I am feeling quite alone and I don’t know how to just organize my time and life. maybe I should just quit but that wouldn’t get me very far so I have to keep going this is not helping okay I’m just going to stop. hope everyone is having a fine day. Bye.

My mind might explode

If you have not seen you should make your way over to my concepts for my Hyper Realism project and here is a handy little link for you:

There was a lot of blood sweat and tears put into this, I’ve lost count of the days of the month.. what year is it?? …I’m just kidding but seriously I am so tired right now I think I am going to take a nap. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and hope you are all finding inspiration for your projects!

DAY 1: Finding Concepts

Alright so here begins the journey into the unknown.. at last I still have nothing.. sort late last night as I sat in bed I pondered through some thoughts and through these thoughts I started on some ideas. And now time to get serious. Through my understanding of the project I believe we have to pick a non profit organization to support or ones we feel close to and based on those we can then make our hyper-realism concepts. While I did do some researching already into the organizations, I found five that I liked. I do not know if I should post them here or wait to post them on my concepts page…because if we do not have to pick a non profit organization from another understanding during class, I asked if I could use sketches that I have done as part of the project but would have to find pictures to go with the project, if so then I have other ideas/concepts id be happy to use..otherwise right now I am in a dilemma and I do not know what to do. I have actually found some great inspiration from a person I follow on Instagram whom I never realized made hyper-realism edits until now and I love her work, check her out her Instagram name is @fetching_tigerss and here are some of my favorites: